Bihar Business Connect 2023 | 13th-14th Dec 2023 at Gyan Bahawan, Patna

Explore the transformative journey of Bihar's industrial landscape at Bihar Business Connect 2023. Uncover untapped opportunities in sectors like IT, Textile, Food Processing, and Hospitality. Engage in B2G meetings with key decision-makers, and immerse yourself in Bihar's cultural heritage at historic destinations

Bihar, the cultural and historical heartland of India’s eastern region, is gearing up to host the much-anticipated Bihar Business Connect 2023. This two-day mega event is not just a celebration of Bihar’s rich agricultural heritage but a testament to its transformative journey towards diversified industrial growth. Set against the backdrop of a state quietly reshaping its destiny,

Event Name Bihar Business Connect 2023 – Global Investors’ Summit
Date 13th-14th December 2023
Venue Gyan Bahawan, Patna
Event Type Global Investors’ Summit
Focus Areas Industrial Growth, Investment Opportunities
Organizer Government of Bihar
Key Components Sectoral Sessions, B2G Meetings, Business Networking, Cultural Exploration
Website Bihar Business Connect 2023
Registration Portal Event Registration
Special Features Sectoral Sessions on IT/ITeS & ESDM, Textile & Leather, Food Processing, Hospitality & Tourism
Plenary Session with Hon’ble Chief Minister and government officials
B2G Meetings for Direct Engagement with Decision-Makers
Cultural Exploration to Nalanda, Rajgir, Bodh Gaya

The Rise of Bihar’s Industrial Prowess:

Historically known for its agrarian excellence, Bihar has experienced a remarkable surge in various industries in recent years. The state has successfully nurtured a flourishing ecosystem of agro-based industries, leveraging its fertile lands and abundant agricultural resources. Key sectors, including ethanol production, textiles and leather, general manufacturing, food processing, dairy farming, and horticulture, have witnessed unprecedented growth. This newfound industrial prowess positions Bihar as a burgeoning economic powerhouse with untapped opportunities waiting to be explored.

Demographic Indicators Details
State Capital Patna
Geographical Area (Sq. km) 94,163
Administrative Districts 38
Population Density 1,106 per sq km
Total Population 104.1 million (as per 2011 census)
Literacy Rate 61.8%
Gross Cropped Area 74.06 Lakh Gross Cropped Area (Lakh)

Strategic Advantages for Businesses:

Bihar stands out as an attractive destination for businesses seeking growth opportunities. The state offers a compelling proposition with its vast and skilled workforce, access to abundant raw materials, cost-effective operations, a streamlined single-window system, proximity to untapped markets, and ease of export to neighboring countries. The government’s commitment to transparent and proactive governance, coupled with strategic investments in infrastructure, creates an environment conducive to business growth.

Bihar Business Connect 2023: A Platform for Convergence:

Scheduled for December 13th and 14th, 2023, Bihar Business Connect is not just an event; it’s a platform where industry leaders, potential investors, academicians, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, policy-makers, and trade bodies converge. The two-day event encompasses sectoral sessions, business-to-government (B2G) meetings, business networking, and more.

Day 1 Highlights – Sectoral Sessions:

The first day of the event will feature sectoral sessions focusing on key industries such as IT/ITeS & ESDM, Textile & Leather, Food Processing, and Hospitality & Tourism. These sessions will provide insights into the opportunities and challenges within each sector, fostering a collaborative environment for participants to explore partnerships and investments.

Day 2 Highlights – Plenary Session and B2G Meetings:

The second day kicks off with a plenary session featuring the Hon’ble Chief Minister, ministers, and senior government officers. This will be followed by one-to-one B2G meetings, offering participants a unique opportunity to engage directly with key decision-makers and explore avenues for collaboration.

Cultural Exploration:

In addition to the business-focused agenda, participants can indulge in the cultural richness of Bihar by exploring historic destinations such as Nalanda, Rajgir, and Bodh Gaya, providing a holistic experience beyond business discussions.

Startup Ecosystem in Bihar

To promote the innovation ecosystem and unlock the enormous entrepreneurial potential of the state, the government of Bihar has notified the “Bihar Start-up Policy” and since then has progressed fast on the track of development, with unrelenting efforts being made towards strengthening infrastructure and promoting industrial growth. Startups and innovation play a key role in this development. They focus on next-gen solutions for present-day challenges.

Key Highlights Details
Startup Registrations 502 startups registered under Bihar Startup Policy
Seed Funding Support INR 25 crore sanctioned as seed funding
BSFT Corpus Rs. 500 crores corpus set up by BSFT for startup and entrepreneurship development
Integrated Web Portal Single web portal ( for registrations, knowledge, networking, and market access
Innovative Co-Working Space ‘B-Hub’ co-working space with 39,041 sq. ft. and seating capacity for 578 people
Academic Collaborations Collaboration with 23 incubation centers in premier academic institutes like IIT-Patna, CIMP, IIM-Bodhgaya, etc.
Funding Avenues Investors’ Meet, Demo Day, Bank Meet-ups for creating funding opportunities
Accelerated Seed Fund Disbursement Screening of applications for seed fund disbursement in just 45 days
Government Support Purchase preference to startups by the government and PSUs
District-Level Outreach Setting up ‘Startup Cells’ in every district
National-Level Engagements Participation in national-level Startup festivals, bootcamps, and hackathons
Educational Initiatives PGDM course on innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture creation in association with CIMP
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Support IPR Facilitation Centres for startups
Expert Guidance Panel of experts, mentors, and facilitators for providing services to startups

Bihar Business Connect 2023 is a landmark event poised to shape Bihar’s industrial future. As the state sets its sights on becoming a significant player in India’s industrial landscape, this platform invites participants to be part of an exciting chapter in Bihar’s economic evolution. Together, let’s build a thriving industrial ecosystem that not only benefits the state but contributes to the broader economic growth of the nation. Join us at Bihar Business Connect 2023 and be part of the journey towards unlocking Bihar’s immense potential.

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