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Jiffit Unveils On-Demand Home Car Cleaning Services in Patna

In a pioneering move set to transform the car wash industry, Jiffit, a startup based in Patna, has unveiled its      on-demand home car cleaning services. With the aim of bringing convenience and quality to car owners in the region, Jiffit is rewriting the narrative of traditional car wash experiences.

Changing the Game: On-Demand Car Cleaning at Your Doorstep

Gone are the days of queuing up at car wash centers or spending valuable time on the weekend waiting for a thorough clean. Jiffit, formerly known as D2D Cares, has introduced a seamless on-demand service that brings professional car cleaning straight to your doorstep.

The Genesis of Jiffit: A Response to Modern Lifestyles

Founded in 2023 by Mr. Syed Hizqeel and Miss Prerna Gupta, Jiffit was born out of the realization that the fast-paced urban lifestyle demands a more convenient approach to car maintenance. With an ever-growing population of car owners in Bihar and a surge in busy professionals, Jiffit steps in to address the need for efficient and reliable car cleaning services.

Jiffit Unveils On-Demand Home Car Cleaning Services in Patna

What Sets Jiffit Apart?

Jiffit’s unique selling proposition lies in its commitment to customer convenience. The startup offers monthly packages for on-demand home car cleaning services. This not only saves customers the hassle of scheduling individual appointments but also ensures that their vehicles receive regular care, maintaining their appearance and value.

Service list that provided by the Jiffit company

Service Description
Car Wash Subscription Regular and convenient car cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle.
Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Professional cleaning for sofas and carpets, ensuring a fresh and hygienic living environment.
Termite Control Effective solutions to safeguard your property from termite infestations, providing long-term protection.
Pest Control Tailored pest control services to combat and prevent unwanted pests and insects in your home.
Water Tank Cleaning Removal of contaminants from water tanks, ensuring a clean and safe water supply for your household.
Washroom Cleaning Thorough cleaning services for washrooms, creating a spotless and sanitized restroom environment.
Kitchen Cleaning Professional cleaning for kitchens, addressing grease, stains, and maintaining a pristine cooking space.
CAR SPA Spa-like cleaning experience for your car, going beyond conventional car wash services.
Geyser Servicing Maintenance and servicing for geysers, ensuring efficient functioning and a reliable hot water supply.
Full Home Cleaning Comprehensive cleaning covering all areas of your home, creating a fresh and welcoming living space.
Home Essential Cleaning Targeted cleaning services addressing crucial areas for overall cleanliness and well-being.

A Comprehensive Approach to Car Care

Beyond the convenience of at-home services, Jiffit is setting new standards with its thorough car spa experiences. The cleaning process is carried out by a team of well-trained professionals equipped with top-notch tools and government-approved cleaning agents, ensuring a high-quality service every time.

Team of Jiffit

Client Satisfaction and Safety: Jiffit’s Top Priorities

Jiffit places a premium on client satisfaction, with 100% satisfaction being the ultimate goal. All employees undergo thorough background checks, are fully vaccinated, and strictly adhere to COVID-19 precautionary guidelines. This ensures a safe and secure experience for every customer.

Looking Ahead: Jiffit’s Vision for the Future

As Jiffit paves the way for on-demand home car cleaning services in Patna, its vision extends beyond mere convenience. The startup envisions contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment, one car wash at a time. With a commitment to technology, customer satisfaction, and quality service, Jiffit is poised to leave an indelible mark on the car wash industry in Bihar and beyond.s

How to book services

Step Action
1 Visit the Jiffit website at
2 Explore the extensive list of services offered.
3 Click on the specific service of interest for details.
4 Provide location and preferred service schedule.
5 Customize service options if applicable.
6 Confirm booking details and provide necessary info.
7 Receive confirmation via email or SMS.
8 Await the scheduled date for Jiffit professionals to arrive.

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