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Welcome to a captivating journey through the heart of Bihar’s cultural tapestry — the Bihar Museum in Patna. As one of South Asia’s largest museums, it stands as a testament to the state’s vibrant history and heritage. In this SEO blog post, we’ll delve into the museum’s engaging design, its diverse galleries, and the unique features that make it a must-visit destination.

The Bihar Museum’s Galleries

Orientation Gallery

 Orientation Gallery


The Orientation gallery serves as an immersive introduction to the Bihar Museum experience. With engaging exhibits, it sets the tone for a journey that combines education with entertainment, appealing to visitors of all ages.

Children’s Gallery

 The Bihar Museum's Galleries

A standout feature of the museum is its Children’s gallery, designed to spark the curiosity of young minds. Interactive exhibits make learning about Bihar’s history and culture a fun and memorable experience for families.

Regional Gallery

The constant in Bihar Museum

The Regional gallery takes visitors on a tour of Bihar’s diverse regions, highlighting the unique cultural contributions of each area. It fosters a sense of pride and connection to the rich heritage of the state.

Contemporary Gallery

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Featuring cutting-edge exhibits of contemporary art, this gallery bridges the gap between Bihar’s past and present. It offers a dynamic perspective, showcasing the evolving cultural landscape of the region.

Special Exhibits and Features

Wildlife Exhibits

File:Bihar Museum Children and Wildlife Section.jpg - Wikipedia

Step into a simulated environment featuring the Asian paradise flycatcher and the Indian giant flying squirrel. These exhibits celebrate the native flora and fauna of Bihar, emphasizing the importance of environmental conservation.

Tribal Arts, Crafts, and Performing Arts

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Dedicated sections showcase the vibrant tribal arts, crafts, and performing arts of Bihar. It’s a testament to the museum’s commitment to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the state.

The Largest Museum in Bihar

Confirmed as one of the largest museums in South Asia, the Bihar Museum’s size is a reflection of its comprehensive approach to showcasing the region’s history and culture. Explore the vast expanse of exhibits that make it a standout destination in the museum landscape.

The First Museum in Bihar: Patna Museum

Established in 1917, the Patna Museum holds the distinction of being the first museum in Bihar. It stands as a historical treasure trove, providing a glimpse into the roots of Bihar’s cultural legacy.

India’s First Museum Biennale and Live Performances

Discover the Bihar Museum’s innovative spirit with its hosting of India’s first museum biennale. Live performances add a dynamic element to the visitor experience, creating a holistic and immersive cultural encounter.

Visitor Information

Plan your visit with ease, knowing the entry fees for different categories:

Category Entry Fee (INR)
Indian Adults 100
Indian Children 50
Foreign Adults 500
Foreign Children 250
School Group Tours 25 per student

Museum Opening Hours:

  • Open every day from 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Closed on Mondays.

As we conclude this exploration of the Bihar Museum, we invite you to embark on your journey to discover the rich heritage of Bihar. Share your experiences with us and join the conversation online using the museum’s designated hashtags. Uncover the stories that shaped Bihar’s cultural landscape and immerse yourself in a museum experience like no other.

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